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Conferences & Presentations

“Cloud Cover” on the TrueAnon podcast, Winter 2022.

“The Busch Family” on the TrueAnon podcast, Fall 2021.

“‘Libertarian Rex’ Digs Deep Into Sinquefield’s Political Ambitions — And Failures” on NPR, Spring 2021.

“Ep. 2: Libertarian Fantasies, Chess Mania and Chicken Salad Sandwiches w/ Devin O’Shea” on the Dynamics Of podcast, Spring 2021.

“The Veiled Prophet” on The Opperman Report radio show, Winter 2021.

“Shoot Me In St. Louis” on the TrueAnon podcast, Summer 2020.

“Civil Rights Activist Percy Green And Writer Devin Thomas O’Shea On All Things Veiled Prophet” on NPR, Summer 2019.

“The Confidence Man” NU Graduate Research Conference, lecture. Northwestern University, Evanston IL, 2019.

“No Such Thing As Truth” NU Graduate Research Conference, lecture. Northwestern University, Evanston IL, 2018.

“Boathouse” Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, short story reading. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI, 2018.

“On Humor” Northwestern Summer Writers Conference, lecture. Northwestern University, Evanston IL, 2018

“Buffering and Digital Media in the Art Novel” NU Graduate Research Conference, lecture. Northwestern University, Evanston IL, 2016.

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